Paper Mache Artist Finds Success in the Evolving Craft Market

January 28, 2015
Nagoo displays his collection of paper mache crafts, created by himself, his wife, and sons. (Photo by Victoria Nechodomu/Nechodomu Media) It is an overcast Saturday morning at the National Crafts Museum in Delhi, India. The tinkering of metal work, the rhythm of drums, and the singing of folk songs set the backdrop for a creative atmosphere, where over a dozen artists in residence demonstrate their crafts. Mohd Shafi Nagoo is...

Nepal’s Musician Caste Adapts to Changing Times

(Dec 18, 2014 06-08 AM)Canon Canon EOS REBEL T4i(5184x3456)
December 25, 2014
Ramchandra Gandharba plays his sarangi at a temple at the foot of the Himalayas (Photo Victoria Nechodomu/Nechodomu Media) Ramchandra Gandharba is one of a dozen instrument salesmen who can found wandering the streets of Pokhara, a lakeside tourist hotspot in Nepal. They all sell the same instrument: a four-stringed traditional Nepali violin called a sarangi. To the unknowing tourist, this instrument may serve as a simple wall decoration, or to...

Musicians from Eastern Nepal find Growth and Success in Kathmandu

November 23, 2014

Subarna Limbu is a well-known Nepali musician and a bit of a legend, recognized for his 40 years of experience in some of the earliest modern rock bands in India and Nepal. He is said to have introduced the bass guitar to contemporary Nepali music. He has performed with early bands such as Diamond from Darjeeling and Brotherhood. Currently, he plays and sings with Prism at various 5 Star hotels. Thomas Thulung Rai…


Friends, strangers, and online acquaintances help protect artist’s rights

September 29, 2014

In January, 2014, Tiffany Shao, recent Duke University graduate, was able to bring closure to a copyright violation of her personal work when she received a $500 check from Ubisoft, a video game development company. The process of discovering the copyright infringement, contacting the company, negotiating compensation, and amending contracts had spanned several months. A Stolen Design The design in question was one that Shao had created while in high school, and had…


Travel Photography: do you need a model release form?

A Himba girl in Namibia carries a baby through the village. Photo by Victoria Nechodomu
September 15, 2014

The June 1985 issue of National Geographic boasted a cover image that soon became one of National Geographic’s most famous photos: The Afghan Girl by Steve McCurry. According to McCurry, he did not know the girl’s name or how to contact her. Similarly, many other photographers and tourists take pictures of people around the world, often without knowing the subject’s identity or obtaining their consent. Travel photography opens up a…


Loughrea residents celebrate their heritage with a Medieval Festival

Loughrea Medieval Festival: Craftspeople and demonstrators such as this blacksmith drew the community in as they recall ancient traditions.
September 1, 2014

  A pig roasts on a spit as a trio of musicians wearing medieval dresses recruit enthusiastic dancers to join in on their song and dance. Two young ladies on stilts saunter through the crowd, showering the excited children with bubbles. A blacksmith slaves away on his bellows, building a fire to demonstrate his craft. A crew of men wearing pieces of armor and weaponry teach an assembled crowd about…


Eddie: A Rebellious Designer with a Big Heart

August 18, 2014

My son said to me, “Dad, when are you going to start easing off?”

And I said, “Well, it will be time enough when they screw the lid down.”

-Edward McIlwaine It’s a moody summer day in Northern Ireland, oscillating between sunshine and down-pouring rain. A man in his 60s makes his way through the forested hillside of Glenariff. He is wearing patched hiking shorts, has brilliant white hair, wears a pair of small, round eyeglasses,…