Loughrea residents celebrate their heritage with a Medieval Festival

Loughrea Medieval Festival: Craftspeople and demonstrators such as this blacksmith drew the community in as they recall ancient traditions.
September 1, 2014

  A pig roasts on a spit as a trio of musicians wearing medieval dresses recruit enthusiastic dancers to join in on their song and dance. Two young ladies on stilts saunter through the crowd, showering the excited children with bubbles. A blacksmith slaves away on his bellows, building a fire to demonstrate his craft. A crew of men wearing pieces of armor and weaponry teach an assembled crowd about…


Scottish Folk of Northern Ireland reflect on Scotland’s possible Independence

August 24, 2014

The sound of hundreds of bagpipe drones drifts through the breeze of the quiet Northern Irish coastal town of Portrush. The sun shines on the crowd that is perched on a hillside overlooking nearly 50 Royal Scottish Pipe bands, assembled to compete at the North West Pipe Band Championships. Men, women, and children of all ages stroll through the crowds wearing their full pipe band garb, down to the kilts…


Eddie: A Rebellious Designer with a Big Heart

August 18, 2014

My son said to me, “Dad, when are you going to start easing off?”

And I said, “Well, it will be time enough when they screw the lid down.”

-Edward McIlwaine It’s a moody summer day in Northern Ireland, oscillating between sunshine and down-pouring rain. A man in his 60s makes his way through the forested hillside of Glenariff. He is wearing patched hiking shorts, has brilliant white hair, wears a pair of small, round eyeglasses,…